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Welcome To Loftily Jewellery Manufacturer Email: Tel: 86 13510852626

About Shenzhen Loftily Jewellery Co., Ltd.

Loftily Jewellery Manufacturer located in Shenzhen, celebrates its 12th anniversary, marking continuous growth and robust development in the professional jewelry industry. Headquartered in the modern city of Shenzhen, our factory is situated in the beautiful coastal city of Dongguan Chang'an, covering an area of over 2000 square meters and boasting a team of over 100 skilled and experienced employees.

As a large, specialized fashion jewelry enterprise integrating new product design, technological research and development, production processing, and wholesale manufacturing, our main business includes F136 titanium jewelry, 304/316L stainless steel jewelry, and 925 sterling silver jewelry. With years of dedicated and relentless development, we have successfully achieved a leading position in the industry by consistently improving our technical expertise and product quality.

Loftily Jewellery Manufacturer leads industry trends with a fully equipped factory featuring casting, stamping, sandblasting, various polishing machines, laser machines, CNC engraving machines, enamel work, hand weaving, and other advanced production and manufacturing equipment. These facilities not only ensure production efficiency but also guarantee that our products meet the highest standards in design and craftsmanship. Additionally, our company has obtained certifications such as GRS, ISO9001, SMETA, QIMA, and SGS testing, ensuring that our products comply with European, American, and international export standards, providing customers with high-quality jewelry products.

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Pursuing Excellence, Quality First," our company emphasizes talent development and technological innovation. Whether in new product design or craftsmanship, we strive for excellence, offering customers unique and fashionable jewelry. Furthermore, we emphasize a comprehensive quality management system to ensure that every product undergoes rigorous monitoring and testing, ensuring stable and reliable product quality.

In the fiercely competitive market environment, Loftily Jewelry is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive prices, rapid delivery, and cutting-edge products. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with friends from all walks of life, both domestically and internationally, to jointly develop and create brilliance!



Accurate Design
●Paking a step forward in innovation our talented designers use digital programming in translating your jewellery proposal into a design mock-up.

●Intricate details material selection and construction suggestions are shown on the visual rendering which is made in five different styles so you can select the interpretation that you prefer.

●With the help of intelligent visualization of your jewellery design we save valuable time and resources when reviewing for changes before proceeding to mass production.
Premium 316/304 Stainless Steel Materials
●Loftily Jewellery places material quality in high regard understanding that our jewellery creations are only as good as the materials we use in making them.

●Premium stainless steel jewellery is 100% waterproof won't tarnish and can be cherished forever. This durable recyclable and hypoallergenic material is also a super sustainable choice.

●So Material suppliers are routinely evaluated by our team making sure that the quality of the materials supplied as well as their pricing and delivery speed is on par with our established standards.
Quality Jewellery Manufacturing
● Adhering to the nation’s long-time tradition of handmade art we excel in combining long-standing handicraft skills with modern craftsmanship.

●From routine inspections by our seasoned with over 10 years of manufacturing experience to our quality control team conducting multiple tests checking for consistency and reliability.


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