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Welcome To Loftily Jewellery Manufacturer Email: Tel: 86 13510852626

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide photography on the jewellery ordered?
Yes, we can share photos and videos that are being used internally on our end for free of charge. Our professional sales and marketing team will do their best to help you with the marketing and branding materials you need.
Can you customize packaging for the jewellery ordered?
We work to strengthen your brand value through better-customized packaging, plus a great product. Take the time to build a thoughtful and detailed visual description of your brand with us, see how match your Loftily Jewellery and customized packaging can drive sales for your jewellery business.

Our in-house designers and expert sales team will help you find the most suitable packaging, including custom jewellery boxes with your logo, linen bags, velvet bags, OPP bags, cartons, etc.
Do you do custom work?
Yes! All TTT pieces are made to order and can be customized in multiple ways. As a custom jewellery design house, we can work with any of our current designs as inspiration for your new projects, or create a completely new design for you.

We devote ourselves to providing customized and innovative jewellery solutions that best benefit your business, so please do not hesitate to ask about going custom.
What services do you offer?
Loftily offers services from jewellery design to production, to branding and marketing support. We specialize in custom design jewellery that reflects the latest fashion trends. Our custom-designed jewellery is great for brands and retailers wanting specific pieces made for them.

From wholesale to private label, Loftily Jewellery is here to support your business. Retailers and brands trust us because we have a long, proven experience of making custom jewellery that eventually leads to successful business growth.

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