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A jewellery brand design company in Paris, France is world-famous for its unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship. As more and more customers expressed their love for their brand, this jewellery brand design company decided to expand its product line and launch a ring series. However, they found that their studio could not meet this demand. They needed to find a custom ring manufacturing facility that could align with their quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

They search the world for factories that provide high-end custom ring production services. Whether it is Google or Alibaba, the business department is looking for jewellery design companies with many years of experience and a team of designers to work with. This includes contacts with other brands, designers, and jewellery associations to obtain recommendations.

The jewellery design company shortlisted five manufacturers from 50 jewellery factories and asked them to provide information about their craftsmanship, work environment and past projects.

The jewellery design company selected 2 of the factories and asked to make some samples of customized rings to verify their craftsmanship and innovation. These samples need to meet the company's high quality standards and design requirements.

Sample requirements:
A couple, John and Emily, were planning to get engaged and sought a special custom engagement ring that reflected their unique love story and personalities. They wanted a ring that was creatively designed, conveyed romantic sentiment, and fit within their budget.

Loftily Jewellery Designers conducted an initial consultation with John and Emily to understand their story, personality and budget for the ring. They shared their love stories, including where they met and their special moments

Design Discussion: Discuss design proposals with clients and let them choose their favorite design option. During the discussion, they can suggest any modifications or improvements.

Material and Stone Selection: Once the design is decided upon, the client and the designer work together to select the ring’s materials and stones. They can choose the type of metal (like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, etc.) and the size, color, and shape of the gemstone (like diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc.).

Sample Production: The designer uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a virtual model of the ring and produces a sample for the customer to review. Customers can view samples to confirm whether the design meets their expectations.

After the samples were completed, the jewellery design company conducted strict quality inspections on each sample, including aspects such as material, cut, clarity, and design details. Only samples that meet the company's requirements will be accepted.

Establishing a cooperative relationship: After signing a formal contract with the factory, the jewellery design company established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Loftily Jewellery factory. Be on hand to resolve issues and ensure production is progressing smoothly.

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