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Requirements: The client is a jewellery retailer who wants to customize a batch of unique bracelets to meet their brand needs. They want some high-quality, uniquely designed bracelets to attract more customers and stand out in the market.
Initial Meeting: Conduct an initial meeting with the client to understand their needs, brand style and budget. Determine the type of bracelet the customer wants (e.g. gold, silver, white gold, etc.) as well as gemstone and design requirements.
Design Proposal: Based on the customer's requirements, the designer provides the customer with some different bracelet design options, including various combinations of shapes, materials, and gemstones. The client chose a unique design that included a combination of white gold, sapphires and diamonds.
Custom Manufacturing: Start making bracelets. This includes sourcing the required materials, cutting and polishing the stones, and then having the bracelets handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.
Quality Control: Strict quality control is carried out during the production process to ensure that every detail of the bracelet meets high standards.
Customized Packaging: To increase brand value, clients opt for custom-made packaging boxes with their brand logo and message printed on them.
Delivery and Acceptance: The bracelet is completed and delivered to the customer for acceptance. The customer is very satisfied with the quality and appearance of the bracelet.
Wholesale Order: A customer decides to wholesale custom bracelets for sale in their jewellery store. They order a certain number of bracelets and enter into an agreement with the manufacturer to ensure regular supply.

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